Immigrant-Friendly Country

Immigrants living in Australia feel welcomed in this multicultural country where 7.3 million (29 percent) of its 25 million residents were foreign-born. Australia’s diversity can be further seen by the fact that 49 percent of the people living in Australia were either foreign-born or they have at least one parent who was born in another country. The multicultural character of Australia is on display in its largest cities. For example, around 43 percent of Sydney’s population was born outside of Australia, while immigrants account for about 34 percent of Melbourne’s residents.

The Australian government welcomes over 160,000 immigrants from around the world each year to live in Australia as permanent residents, and values the contributions that immigrants make to the country’s economy and society. Australian Permanent Residents enjoy equality and many other freedoms and benefits, such as living and working in Australia for an unlimited period of time; attending educational programs; receiving free or subsidized public healthcare; traveling to and from Australia; having the option to open a business and buy a home or other property, and the opportunity to become an Australian citizen. Thus, while some governments have taken an anti-immigrant position, you and your family can feel at home living in Australia – one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world!

So, what do you think about living in Australia now? Are you ready to start your new life in Australia?